WIBA Awards 2021 Rocked Cannes

The third edition of the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards honored the remarkable talents in various domains on July 12 during Cannes Film Festival at the legendary Hotel Martinez.

Despite the situation and traveling restrictions the WIBA 2021 gathered the most prominent personalities from the Influencers’ world together at a much-awaited offline event in Cannes hosted by Greta Sapkaite.

Maria Grazhina Chaplin, CEO of the World Influencers and Bloggers Association: “This challenging year, influencers, more than ever before, have proven their value in society with useful advice and tangible initiatives, many of them now play a crucial role in their countries.”

  • Coco Rocha @cocorocha, The Fashion Industry Influencer: Lifetime Achievement and Innovation Award
  • Ellen von Unwerth @ellenvonunwerth, The Iconic Photographer Influencer
  • Foodgod @foodgod, The Global Food Influencer
  • Kat Graham @katgraham, The Human Rights Advocate
  • Elisabetta Gregoraci @elizabettagregoracireal, The Media Personality Influencer
  • Philippe Uter @philippeuter, The Celebrity Stylist Influencer
  • Lara Leito @laraleito, The Model Influencer
  • Victoria Bonya @victoriabonya, The Beauty Advice Influencer
  • Sadaf Beauty @sadaf_beauty, The Beauty Glam Influencer
  • Akash Mehta @mehta_a, The Entrepreneur Influencer
  • Nataliia Gotsii @nataliiagotsii, Lifestyle Influencer: Consciousness and Modern Values Award
  • Bernice Liu @berniceliuofficial The Cross Borders Wine Influencer
  • Carrie Lee @carrielee1212 The Rising Star of Asia Influencer
  • Amanda Ford @amandaford The Latin America Media Influencer
  • Katerina Perez @katerina_perez, The Jewellery Influencer
  • Luanna @luanna, The Leading New York Style Influencer
  • Ginta @ginta Digital Contest Winner The Best Entertainment Account in Expert Blogger Category
  • Doron Is @doronis_ Digital Contest Winner The Best Travel Account in Expert Blogger Category
  • Malcolm the Akita @malcolm_the_akita Digital Contest Winner The Best Animal Account in Expert Blogger Category
  • Team Naach @teamnaach, WIBA India Winner Entertainment – Dance Influencer  
  • Nischay Malhan @triggeredinsaan, WIBA India Winner – Comedy Influencer
  • Sejal Kumar @sejalkumar1195, WIBA India Winner – Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer

Photo GettyImages®